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Juggle Gifts Diabolo Set – Orange

£12.00 inc. Vat

A great value, jumbo-sized bearing diabolo suitable for beginner and intermediate players.

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The Juggle Dream Big Top diabolo is a great value, large bearing diabolo. The Big Tops are suitable for older children and adults that have a beginner to intermediate skill level. This set includes Juggle Dream Coloured Aluminium Diabolo Handsticks

Bearing diabolos are sometimes known as one-way clutch diabolos. As you can only spin the diabolo in one direction some people find it easier to learn with. It is also much easier to get the diabolo spinning really fast as you can wrap the string a couple of times round the axle without fear of tangles.


The Big Top has a wide axle making it great for stick and finger grinds. The large cups make this diabolo very stable. Made from touch, scratch-resistant plastic the cups can handle drops from high throws and at high speed.

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Weight 0.487 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 cm



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